Mr. David Lamm: Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton Program

Today’s consumers want to know their food and fiber products are sustainably grown and the cotton industry is listening. Cotton farmers, manufacturers and retailers are collaborating to deliver cotton in a way that increases soil organic carbon as well as reduces greenhouse gas emissions, soil loss, and water use.

In partnership with the Walmart Foundation, Wrangler® Jeans and the VF Foundation, the Soil Health Institute is working with cotton producers to increase soil health management system adoption. The Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton project offers farmer-focused education and training events delivered by Soil Health Institute scientists, partnering soil health technical specialists and farmer mentors who produce cotton using soil health-promoting practices. Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton farmer mentors and soil health technical specialists provide producer guidance and technical assistance throughout the term of the project as part of a farmer-to-farmer network.

For more information see our video below: