Soil Health Education for Certified Crop Advisors


In partnership with the Soil Science Society of America, the Soil Health Institute created two webinar series for Certified Crop Advisors and accompanying articles. Webinar topics included assessing soil health, practical considerations for soil carbon sampling, an introduction to soil carbon markets, and soil health economics. Video recordings of all webinar and continuing education credits are still available for free through the Soil Science Society of America. Articles based on the webinar content are free to read below and the second series of videos is also accessible below.

Continuing Education Credits

  • SSSA Accessing Soil Health Webinar Series

Series 1 Articles

  • Assessing Soil Health: Soil Water Cycling

  • Assessing Soil Health: Soil Nitrogen Cycling

  • Assessing On-Farm Economics of Soil Health

  • Assessing Soil Health: Putting It All Together

Series 2 Articles

  • Sampling Design for Quantifying Soil Organic Carbon Stock in Production Ag Fields

  • Components of Soil Carbon Accounting

  • Economics of Soil Health: Contributions of Reduced Tillage and Cover Cropping

  • Economics of Soil Health: Farmer Experiences Across Systems

  • Soil Health Targets: A Soil Health Consulting Strategy

  • Precision Agriculture and Soil Health


Soil Health Education for Certified Crop Advisors was done in partnership with the Soil Science Society of America with the Generous support of the Walton Family Foundation.