Wrangler Pushes for a More Circular Cotton Supply Chain

As the fashion industry, and fast fashion companies in particular, come increasingly under scrutiny, many retailers and clothing manufacturers are looking at their sourcing and supply chains to ensure sustainability from the first mile to the customer purchase. Wrangler is one such retailer; the brand recently announced a global call to action for cotton farmers who can demonstrate and document soil health and biodiversity improvements to apply in order to partner with it on the launch of a new jean.

This new Wrangler jean is a part of The Jeans Redesign, an initiative spearheaded by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF). This initiative established guidelines on the minimum requirements for durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability of denim jeans, with over 40 denim experts providing insight. To date, over 50 notable brands, manufacturers, and fabric mills have signed on to this initiative and are using these guidelines to produce new jeans for purchase this fall.

In addition to joining up with The Jeans Redesign, Wrangler has added a new dimension of circularity to its stated commitment to source 100 percent sustainably grown cotton by 2025. The brand will do so by joining the EMF’s Make Fashion Circular Initiative, which exists to drive collaboration between apparel industry leaders to ensure that clothes are made from safe, renewable materials, that new business models increase their use, and that old clothes are turned into new.

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