Unlocking Connectivity in Agricultural Supply Chains – Carolyn Baltz

SHI collaborates with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) to drive action and innovation in sustainable practices. SHI invited Ms. Carolyn Baltz, the Senior Manager of Membership and Development at TSC, to address the 3rd Annual Meeting and provide a summary of activities.

TSC is a global, non-profit organization administered by Arizona State University and the University of Arkansas. TSC’s mission is to use the best sustainability science to help companies make everyday products better and more sustainable.

The organization enables members to actively participate in multi-stakeholder, science-based, business toolkit development and industry solutions through a pre-competitive approach. More than 100 organizations and 2,000 users contribute to the development and implementation of TSC materials.

According to Ms. Baltz, stakeholders work diligently to create category sustainability profiles that contain relevant information on hotspots, sustainability issues, opportunities for improvement, and key performance indicators. Ms. Baltz shared how these elements are used to develop customized tool kits for member businesses to execute sustainability practices within their organizations.