Soil Health Institute Releases Strategy on Soil Health Adoption

“The Soil Health Institute has released a strategy to help farmers when deciding whether to adopt soil health practices.

“Wayne Honeycutt, president and CEO of the Soil Health Institute, says adopting soil health practices can improve a farmer’s bottom line while also reducing nutrient loss to waterways and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

““It’s one of those rare win-win situations and it really puts farmers in the driver’s seat for addressing so many of our most pressing natural resource issues,” he says. 

“He tells Brownfield the strategy involves assessing economic risk of adopting practices and training producers on how to implement them.

““That takes us down the road of conducting research on assessing profitability of these soil health systems,” he says. “Another aspect that we recognize farmers need is to know how to be able to measure the health of their soils and monitor its progress.””

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