Poster Application

Call for Poster Presentations for the Soil Health Institute 2020 Annual Meeting

The Soil Health Institute invites researchers to present their work in a poster session at the Annual Meeting. The poster session will provide opportunities for in-depth discussion and networking among researchers who are interested in soil health. Poster presentations must be self-contained, self-explanatory, and relevant to soil health.

This year’s theme is Soil Health: The Foundation for Regenerative Agriculture, reflecting the opportunity we have to address climate change, water quality, food production, biodiversity, and many other pressing issues by improving soil health.

Poster Proposal

A required poster proposal must be submitted to the Soil Health Institute by 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time (PT) on Friday, June 12, 2020. Presenters will be notified by June 19, 2020 regarding acceptance.

By submitting a poster proposal, presenters grant permission to the Soil Health Institute to post the proposal, principal presenter’s name, and a photograph of the presenter on its website (*

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Poster proposals must include the following information. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

  • Poster title
  • Author(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Principal Author’s Contact Email, Telephone
  • Short Research Description
    • Issue
    • Objective
    • Approach
    • Conclusion/Implications
  • Photo of Principal Presenter
    (preferably professional head/shoulders image)

The Soil Health Institute will review proposals to ensure the proposed poster appears to provide a research description that is relevant to soil health and is sufficiently transparent, detailed, and rigorous to support a scientific discussion of soil health that should be expected at any scientific conference.

The quantity of poster presentations may be limited due to space availability.  Should space become an issue, posters will be approved based on the date of proposal submission.

Scientific Content

Accepted posters will be expected to detail a study’s design, analytical methods and interpretation. Such details include experimental and treatment designs, methods, statistical analyses, results, and conclusions when relevant.

If proprietary information cannot be disclosed in detail sufficient for an interested party to understand the research and the implications of its outcome, the poster may be unable to support adequate peer-to-peer discussion. The Soil Health Institute reserves the right to reject any poster proposal that appears to limit proprietary information essential for scientific evaluation of the work..

Poster Display

Posters size must not exceed 95 inches (240 cm) wide by 47 inches (120 cm) tall. Velcro will be provided for attaching printed material to the poster boards provided.  Plastic-coated or laminated paper, or cardboard, may be difficult to attach and should not be used.

Formatting Suggestions

The heading information banner for the top of the poster must include a title, author(s), affiliation(s), and the presentation number provided when the poster proposal was accepted.

Charts, Graphs, Photos, and Illustrations
All graphics and images must be clearly visible from at least 8 feet away and specific elements from at least 3 feet away. To ensure good visibility from side angles, photos should have a dull or matte finish.

Text Recommendations

All text on the poster should be at least 3/8” tall (22-point type).

Each figure/table should have a heading. For best results, the type size should be at least 36 points.

Information below graphics, such as a legend, should be at least 16 points.

Tip: Studies show the optimum scientific poster word count is 300 to 800 words.

QR Code

Posters may include a QR Code. Each QR Code should include a disclaimer that says:  This QR Code is not linked to a Soil Health Institute website. Copies of this poster obtained through this QR Code may not be reproduced without permission from the author(s) of this poster.

Recommended Template

Presenters have significant latitude in poster formats, and researchers are encouraged to include posters from previous conferences without re-formatting provided that the poster meets the content and size specifications noted above.  However, should researchers prefer format guidelines, some variation of this configuration is recommended.

Poster Session

A schedule for the Poster Session(s) will be provided 15 days before the meeting.

Poster material must be posted on the assigned board at least 30 minutes before the session begins and must remain in place until noon on the last day of the meeting. Posters must be complete when they are posted.

Presenters must be present at the poster during assigned poster sessions.

Materials should be removed promptly at the end of the annual meeting. Posters remaining after the annual meetinghas concluded will be collected and available for pick-up beside the meeting registration desk for two hours after the annual meeting adjourns. Remaining posters will be discarded.

Electronic Devices
Presenters may enhance their poster presentations with mobile electronic devices, such as tablets. However, power will not be provided for these devices; presenters are responsible for ensuring they are charged. The Soil Health Institute is not liable for loss, damage or theft of devices. Note, laser pointers may not be used in the poster display area.

Use of Commercial Logos

Posters should not amplify logos. Logos should be limited to the top banner adjacent to author affiliations or placed in the bottom 2” margin of the poster and should be separated from core content to ensure the scientific content is the focus of the poster.  Brand or proprietary names may appear only if they are essential to the presentation, e.g., the trade name of a product used in the experiment.

Poster Handouts

Presenters may provide handouts of their posters.

Uploading ePosters

Presenters have the option of submitting their poster as a PDF file to be uploaded to Email the PDF to with the subject line “SHI2020 E-Poster”.  E-posters must be received no later than the end of the meeting.

Questions about Poster Proposals or Preparation

Contact Dr. Cristine Morgan, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, at 1-919-230-0345 or email with the subject line “SHI2020 E-Poster”.