Iowa Farmer Today: Corn Growers Urged to Improve Soil Health

“Soil quality is a hot topic in crop production circles these days, with farmers digging more vigorously into the dirt beneath their feet to find answers about what kind of shape it’s in.

That’s why the South Dakota Corn Growers chose to devote a couple hours of the organization’s annual meeting, held recently at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, to a discussion of soil health.

The session featured three experts on soil health who shared their perspectives about what producers can do to improve the bottom line while acting as good stewards of the land.

Wayne Honeycutt, president and CEO of the Soil Health Institute, made a connection with the audience in a down-to-earth presentation that focused on basic concerns of growers.

Honeycutt said better soil health improves crop performance, giving farmers a “fighting chance” to produce the ever-increasing amount of food needed by an increasing world population; increases producers’ ability to handle extreme weather events, from drought to excessive rainfall; and helps keep a rising tide of unwanted governmental regulations at bay.”

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