Human Health and Soil Health Conference Registration

Registration is Open!

Registration is open for a conference to explore the connections between soil health and human health! Together we will create an interdisciplinary, collaborative research roadmap to further advance our understanding of those relationships.

Kickstarter Conference to Create a Research Collaboration Roadmap


  • Make relevant connections between soil and human health sciences;
  • Identify promising research opportunities;
  • Build interdisciplinary teams to address those research needs; and
  • Propose funding mechanisms that will lead to scientific findings that benefit the health of agricultural systems, the environment, and the public.

To facilitate meaningful, interactive dialogue, the conference is limited to 200 attendees. Registration is open until filled, or until October 6, whichever comes first, and the cost of registration is $300.

Register Here

For more information including the agenda, confirmed speakers and sponsorship opportunities visit our website here.