FoodShot Global Launches New FoodShots

This is a time of unprecedented stress on our food system. More than ever, it is clear that we must redesign our food system to support a healthy global population in greater harmony with nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that our partners at FoodShot Global, a collaborative investment platform catalyzing groundbreaking innovation in the food and agriculture space, today announced the launch of their new FoodShots: Precision Protein and Innovating Soil 3.0, Deep Dive. Up to $10 million in equity is available for innovative businesses, and the $500,000+ GroundBreaker Prize will be awarded to researchers, early stage entrepreneurs and advocates who are creating FoodShot solutions.

FoodShot Global announced that the focus of its second FoodShot will be Precision Protein, which seeks to develop proteins systematically and with heightened rigor in order to build a protein system that is more precisely attuned to human and planetary health, better aligns global and regional supply and demand, increases accessibility, and decreases waste and environmental damage. FoodShot Global also announced that it would build on its successful inaugural FoodShot, Innovating Soil 3.0, by launching a “deep dive” to fill key gaps and support best-of-class innovations that have the maximum potential for scale and global impact. Innovating Soil 3.0, Deep Dive, specifically seeks breakthrough advances and technologies related to soil carbon measurement, microbiome functionality, and rapid adoption of regenerative practices.

First-round applications and nominations for both the protein and soil FoodShots are due July 15, 2020.

As a partner of this unique non-profit organization, we are committed to making the food system healthier, more sustainable and more equitable. Apply today and feel free to pass the information along! For more information, go to