Enriching Soil, Enhancing Life

Enriching soil enhances life from the microscopic scale to the global scale. Adopting soil health systems can increase microbial diversity, improve farmer livelihood, increase agricultural productivity, and build climate resilience. As a result, downstream communities receive cleaner water, ecosystem health is restored, rural landscapes are sustained, and climate change is held in check for future generations.

Our Strategy

Soil Health is the Foundation for Regenerative Agriculture

Across North America and around the globe, the Soil Health Institute is advancing the science of soil health. Our work is focused on strategic goals to scale adoption of soil health management systems - the foundation for regenerative agriculture. Discover more about our initiatives.


2022 Annual Meeting
Scaling Up Soil Health

On August 11-12, we heard members of the agriculture industry share their knowledge, experience, and ideas for Scaling Up Soil Health! Five engaging sessions spoke to the urgency and opportunity for scaling adoption of regenerative soil health systems.

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Soil Health Resources

Translating our science into actionable resources and tools equips farmers and their advisors with the necessary knowledge and confidence to thrive on their soil health journey. Learn more about the fundamentals and benefits of implementing a soil health management system and how farmers can use soil health targets to chart their progress.

Our Impact

We work with many partners to conduct and translate soil health science into action that benefits farmers, the environment, and society.

Healthy Soils Are Fundamental for Restoring Our Earth

Your gift to the Soil Health Institute supports the adoption of regenerative soil health systems that store carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve water quality, increase farm profitability, build drought resilience, increase nutrient availability, provide pollinator habitat, and suppress many plant diseases.

Together, in partnership with hundreds of organizations, the Soil Health Institute is addressing the needs of farmers, ranchers, conservationists, policymakers, and society by Enriching Soil, Enhancing Life.