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Western Canada Conference on Soil Health & Grazing

The Western Canada Conference on Soil Health and the Western Canadian Grazing Conference were combined into a 3-day event in 2017. A number of Alberta applied research and forage associations organize and present these popular events with help from partners in industry and government. The conferences in 2015 and 2017 featured, among other top researchers and soil health practitioners, Gabe Brown of Bismarck, North Dakota.

Acres U.S.A. 2019 Eco-Ag Conference and Tradeshow

“The annual Eco-Ag Conference sets the standard for innovation and learning in modern agriculture. The educational experience and trade show, now in its 44th year, unites farmers, ranchers and ag professionals from every facet of eco-farming to share their experience and expertise. Beginning and generational farmers running sustainable farms – as well as those in transition from conventional to organic – will walk away with useful, practical information that they can apply to their operations right away. Don’t miss the non-stop action:
– All-day Eco-Ag U workshops
– Learning sessions &
– Consulting halls
– Round table discussions
– Eco-Ag Trade Show
– Film Screenings
– Book store
– Book signings”

Healthy Soils, Healthy Region Workshop

The ‘Healthy Soil, Healthy Region’ Workshop is a region-wide approach to bring together agricultural
professionals and producers from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho for a 3-day workshop to improve
awareness of existing, new, and evolving regional soil health practices and assessment methods. The
workshop will provide hands-on training on soil health practices, improve understanding of the practical
barriers producers face when implementing soil health practices, and increase familiarity with tools that
can be used by producers to make decisions related to soil health. We will also strive to get the various
groups working on soil health in the region on the same page regarding sampling protocols, method
selection, and the current state of the science.

Western Colorado Soil Health Conference

The Western Colorado Soil Health Conference is designed to educate producers, government officials, and the broad community about ways to increase organic matter in, and the health of, our soils through cover crops, green manure, grazing, compost, entomology, and other sustainable practices. These practices are showing long term benefits in improved quality and cost of production.

South Dakota Soil Health Coalition Conference & Annual Meeting

The SDSHC’s vision is a collective effort to increase sustainable agriculture production through diversification and improved soil health. Many educational events are held throughout South Dakota by the coalition yearly. Conference attendees can expect educational-packed topics focused on rejuvenating and maintaining healthy soil ecosystems by several regional and nationally known speakers. Anyone involved in agriculture is encouraged to attend. Networking with event presenters and other producers is encouraged. Any questions about the upcoming event can be directed to: sdsoilhealth@gmail.com

Additional information can be found at: www.sdsoilhealthcoalition.org/annual-meeting


The convergence of ag technology and soil health principles and practices is causing a paradigm shift.
AgEmerge will help you make sense of it all.
AgEmerge is much more than a conference; it’s a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with emerging thought leaders and entrepreneurs about how they are solving some of the most significant challenges in agriculture. You will leave energized, informed, and connected with topics that matter the most to you.
AgEmerge is the event you’ll be talking about long after it’s over!

Bottom Line Conference

Join your fellow farmers and ranchers this coming summer and discover techniques and systems to improve your bottom line, your soil production and your profits in the drier High Plains climate.

The expert speakers we have lined up for you have decades of success through real-world practice and experience. Discover all their knowledge over 2 days of presentations including afternoon “breakout” sessions providing proven and immediately usable strategies for your specific farming/ranching situations, problems and goals.

Here’s just some of the topics, strategies and insights you’ll discover at the 2018 Bottom Line Conference:

Soil health, function and productivity.
Water holding capacity of various soils.
Organic matter and water infiltration.
Increasing profits by augmenting organic matter.
Operation strategies for less inputs and more profits.
Holistic farm management and financial planning.
Grazing management strategies for better soils,
livestock productivity, watershed function and more!