Coordinating Coalition for Soil Health Launches with 4 Goals


The interests and activities surrounding soil health are rapidly evolving and expanding!

Representatives from several organizations with major interest and initiatives in soil health gathered Oct. 26-27, 2016 at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Oklahoma to establish productive partnerships to advance soil health science and its applications. Convened and facilitated by the Soil Heal Institute, these organizations included Tri-Societies, Conservation Technology Information Center, National Association of Conservation Districts, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Global Soil Security, The Fertilizer Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Soil Health Partnership, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education, and the Soil Health Institute.

During this meeting, representatives provided an overview of each organization’s soil health objectives, approach, list of partners engaged resources being used to advance soil health, and a description of the needs that would enhance the impact of their efforts.  This information exchange served as a foundation to achieve four goals:

  • Develop a network of synergistic partnerships to enhance research and adoption of soil health management systems in a strategically coordinated manner.
  • Share advice and input as to how we can minimize redundancies and ensure greater efficiency and impact in our common goal to improve soil health.
  • Identify strategies in pursuit of this common goal.
  • Leave with an agreed upon understanding of how our respective efforts fit together in support of one another and a clearly established plan for collaboration.

After the many common interests and goals were identified, participants stepped up to provide leadership in working groups to prioritize soil health research, education, adoption, and policy needs, and identify potential sources of funds to meet those needs.

Participants unanimously agreed at the conclusion of the meeting to establish a “Coordinating Coalition for Soil Health” to be convened regularly by the Soil Health Institute. The Soil Health Institute is please to serve in this convening function.

Representatives from organizations that gathered on Oct. 26-27 at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Ardmore, OK (L-R): Sheldon Jones, Soil Health Institute; Rob Myers, Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education; Michael Doane, The Nature Conservancy; Jim Gulliford, Soil and Water Conservation Society; Steve Shafer, Soil Health Institute; Byron Rath, Soil Health Institute; Jerry Hatfield, Tri-Societies; Chad Watts, Conservation Technology Information Center; Larry Clemens, The Nature Conservancy; Karl Anderson, Tri-Societies; Jeremy Peters, National Association of Conservation Districts; Nick Goeser, Soil Health Partnership; Wayne Honeycutt, Soil Health Institute; Lara Moody, The Fertilizer Institute; Cristine Morgan, Global Soil Security; and Beth Mason, National Association of Conservation Districts.