Coming Soon: SHI Grants

Coming soon! The Soil Health Institute plans to accept applications for grants supporting compilations and reviews of soil health-related scientific literature.

The Soil Health Institute’s on-line library and search engine for soil health-related information, the Soil Health Research Landscape tool, is a living compilation of published literature and other sources of information valuable to the soil health community. It is available on this website without fee to researchers, practitioners, consultants, producers, and others in the public and private sectors.

On or about May 18, 2017, the SHI anticipates releasing a Call for Applications to fund up to five grants at a maximum of $8,000 each to support preparation of literature searches and summaries of soil health and its relationship to land management practices, ecosystem processes and services including agricultural production, human health, associated economic costs and benefits, and other relevant topics. Products expected from successful grantees include a list of publications and other sources (reliable reports, websites, databases, etc.) on the chosen topic; a brief summary of each source reviewed; and a review paper synthesizing this information. References, summaries, and the review paper will be deposited in the Landscape tool on-line library for free public access.

Check back here on May 18 for an official announcement and application details. The application process will be on-line here on the SHI website. Applicants will have 4 weeks from the date of the announcement to submit a proposal.