10 Ways to Connect Soil and Human Health

“In October 2018, researchers and subject experts from around the world met for the Soil Health Institute’s Conference on Connections Between Soil Health and Human Health. Attended by nearly 200 scientists and organization leaders, including Rodale Institute Chief Scientist Dr. Andrew Smith, the Conference concluded by presenting 10 recommendations focused on advancing the connection between soil health and human health through science and policy.

“The recommendations include utilizing long-term agricultural studies to track soil health, developing research sites in varied geographical areas, and opening a center focused on the interaction between soil health, our food system, and human health.

“Conference participants also recommended increased communication to stakeholders, regionally and globally, by integrating existing data across disciplines into a comprehensive summary. Cooperation among research fields was also identified as a priority, with a need to identify fields that affect human health such as the soil microbiome, nutrient density, and the human-soil interaction and its effect on community well-being.”

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Farmer Views On Soil Health

“The past several years there’s been more attention and focus on soil health in agriculture. Not all soils are the same and different places around the world may require different approaches. Many farmers have been working on and testing different methods for improving soil well before it was on the radar of everyone. To learn more see the Precision Ag, Water, Soil section of the GFN website, and the Soil Health Institute is a very authoritative resource to learn more from if you are interested in the topic.

“We queried some members of the Global Farmer Network to get their thoughts on two questions, and some brief responses this week from Africa, Asia, North America and Europe follow:

“What are you doing to increase the soil health of your farm?

“How important is soil health to your farm’s economic and environmental sustainability?”

Read the full article here: https://globalfarmernetwork.org/2019/04/farmer-views-on-soil-health/

FFAR Awards Grant to Enhance Soil Practices in Almond Orchards

“More than 80 percent of the world’s almonds are produced in California, and this industry contributes $21 billion to the state’s economy. In recognition of the need to develop more resilient almond orchards, the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) awarded a $225,000 Seeding Solutions Grant to the University of California, Davis, to improve soil health in almond orchards. The FFAR grant has been matched with funding from the Almond Board of California and almond growers for a total $450,000 investment.

“Currently, almond growers clean the orchard floor so that no weeds, manures or organic matter are left before harvest begins. Almond harvesters then shake the trees to encourage the almond fruit to fall to the ground, where it dries out before growers transfer the fruit in its hull and shell to processing facilities. Since the almonds touch the ground during harvest, growers are not able to use manures, composts or other materials added to the soil that would contaminate the nuts.”

Read the full article here: https://foundationfar.org/2019/03/28/ffar-awards-grant-to-enhance-soil-practices-in-almond-orchards/