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Soil Health Research

Soil Health Research

Our role in support of global soil health

  • Identify gaps in soil health research
  • Under the stewardship of the Institute’s Chief Scientific Officer in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer, External Science Advisers and Partners, soil health leaders collaboratively establish research priorities that will provide the highest science-based benefits to soil health. A primary goal is to ensure rapid economic return on investment so research and promoted practices benefit food and fiber producers, respecting their dedication and commitment to resource conservation and land management as well as their need to sustain their businesses.
  • Construct research road maps
  • Dedicated professionals who lead soil health research believe all stakeholders will benefit if efforts are more integrated and then translated into useful, adoption-ready practices. Researchers realize current soil health roadmaps are jigsaw puzzles with many pieces. They believe all stakeholders will benefit from unbiased, non-competitive coordination of research goals, grants and the robust discussions that build forward-thinking research projects.
  • Rigorous protocol related to submission of research proposals and assessments of outcomes.
  • Researchers want to focus on data-driven studies that truly serve all stakeholders. Researchers also want to standardize rigorous protocols across the research continuum – basic, translational and applied research pathways
  • Global reach and access
  • Researchers believe time is critical. They want the best researchers in the world to collaborate to solve soil’s most pressing soil health issues.
  • Prompt and broad information distribution
  • Knowledge and information generated by these research projects must be promptly and broadly disseminated, and the developments created will be delivered by the Institute and its Partners to all users who need them.

If you’re a researcher who wants to connect with SHI Research Leaders, please connect here.

Access the Soil Health Research Landscape™ tool for scientific research studies and data.