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Past Events

Past Events

The Ecology of Soil Health Summit

Join this forum for soil ecologists, soil scientists, teachers of soil ecology and members of related disciplines as we share original research, participate in meeting symposia and workshops, and identify priorities for future research and outreach.

The Future of Sustainable Agriculture: Carbon-Positive Farming, Nutrient Management and Beyond

From carbon sequestration, to nutrient management, to economic viability, the promise of sustainable agriculture is (quite literally) rooted in healthy soil. Science is beginning to prescribe specific agricultural practices to regenerate soil health. This panel will summarize expert consensus on the next generation of best practices, examine how companies, growers, farm input suppliers, environmentalists and others can work together to improve the key metrics, and discuss how the results of an ongoing National Soil Health Assessment could influence programmatic supply chain engagements by 2020.

Soil Health Institute Unveils Soil Health Action Plan

The Soil Health Institute (SHI), a leading resource for science-based soil health information, will unveil the Soil Health Action Plan at 10:30 a.m., May 18, at the First Amendment Lounge, National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW, 13th Floor, Washington, DC 20045.

The nationwide plan evolved after four years of stakeholder input, beginning with the Soil Renaissance in 2013. Agricultural industry thought leaders, farmers, ranchers, scientists, government agency leaders, and non-governmental organizations provided input into the plan, which will be used to drive the advancement of soil health.

According to SHI President and CEO Wayne Honeycutt, Ph.D., Bill Buckner, President and CEO of the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Jerry Lynch, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, General Mills; and Michael Doane, Director of Working Lands, The Nature Conservancy will be among speakers who will discuss the collaborative approach to building the nation’s soil health.

For more information, contact brath@soilhealthinstitute.org.

Making Cover Crops Work – Experience from the field

The Midwest Cover Crop Council was first organized in 2006. Since its inception the organization has grown into a community that facilitates the sharing of cover crop knowledge within the Midwest and beyond. To find out more about our group please visit one of the following sections.

Western Nutrient Management Conference

The Western Nutrient Management Conference provides an opportunity to explore current nutrient related research and exchange ideas without travel to a distant or costly national meeting. The Conference is a forum for research, industry and extension to communicate about nutrient management as it relates to profitability, sustainability, and environmental protection.

Commodity Classic: Farmer Up

You’ll find the answers, ideas, innovation, technology, equipment and expertise that can make a powerful difference on your farm. Commodity Classic is America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show—unlike any other farm show you’ve ever seen. Investing a few days at Commodity Classic will pay dividends on your farm all year long!

Agricultural Outlook Forum, A New Horizon: The Future of Agriculture

NC Ag Biotech Professional Forum

Healthy soils are the foundation of global food production, host more than a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity and play a critical role in the carbon cycle. What are the main indicators of soil health? Why has understanding soil health, maintaining and managing it become so important? Join us February 22 to hear experts in this field as they gather from across the country to share their perspectives and insights into the future and importance of soil health.

Microbiome AgBioTech Summit 2017

As global food demand increases, the agricultural community is challenged to discover innovative cropping system solutions that produce more with fewer resources. The Microbiome AgBioTech Summit will address the factors central to taking an idea from discovery to the grower’s field.

Building Soil Health for Healthy Environment and Farm Profitability

The 2017 Soil Health Conference at Iowa State University includes a full two days with a wide range of presentations and formats that address the basic and practical aspects of soil health. This conference agenda includes speakers from the academia, farmers, USDA, non-profit, and industry. Speakers will discuss soil health challenges and profitable management practices.

8th Annual Soil Health Summit

The Payette Soil & Water Conservation district was organized in February, 1958, to help local farmers and ranchers voluntarily conserve soil, water and other resources. For more than 50 years, the Payette SWCD has provided technical, financial and educational support to landowners within our service are in Payette County in southwest Idaho.

In an effort to ensure that present and future communities within Payette County continue to enjoy the best soil, water and other natural resources, the Payette SWCD works hand in hand with local landowners to sustain a healthy, productive environment.

Midwest Soil Health Summit

SFA’s Midwest Soil Health Summit is THE place for advanced soil health training.

Maryland Cover Crop Workshop

Join us for a workshop on the science of cover crops and crop rotations. Nevin Dawson from the University of Maryland Extension will be joined by a local grower to present examples of how cover crops and planned rotations can help protect soil and produce better yields. The workshop will provide examples specific to raising crops on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Refreshments will be served.

Cattlemen’s College Educational Series

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s 24th Annual Cattlemen’s College will provide stimulating and thought-provoking information on soil health and range management to help generate returns for cattle operations. Join us the morning of February 1 in this session: Managed Grazing for Soil Health & Animal Performance.

South Dakota Corn Growers Annual Meeting

Dr. Wayne Honeycutt, President and CEO of the Soil Health Institute, will join Nick Goeser, National Corn Growers Association/Soil Health Partnership, and Dr. Doug Karlen, USDA/ARS to discuss the national emphasis on soil health research and on-farm productivity benefits.

Wilbur-Ellis National Meeting

Dr. Wayne Honeycutt, President and CEO of the Soil Health Institute, will be the keynote speaker during the 60th Annual Meeting of the Soil Science Society of North Carolina.

Global Security Conference

The 2nd Global Soil Security Conference will link businesses, practitioners, policymakers and researchers on soil security dimensions through good working practices, business solutions, scientific outcomes and international initiatives that enhance protection and sustainable management of soils.

Annual Training Conference

Dr. Wayne Honeycutt, President and CEO of the Soil Health Institute will be the Opening Session Speaker during The Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Annual Conference & Trade Show at Tan-Tar-A Resort.

Powell House Presentation

Dr. Wayne Honeycutt emphasized the need to advance soil health practices during a presentation to the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture.

The meeting was held in the historic Powel House, the home of Samuel Powel who frequently hosted George Washington, both founding members of the Society. The Society was established as a non-partisan organization in 1785.

BSR Conference 2016

In this talk Ken Powell discusses General Mills’ commitment and dependency on sustainability. He goes on to talk about essential partners in this initiative and lists Soil Health Institute.

Bill Buckner, Board Chair of the Soil Health Institute In an Open Mic Interview

In this interview, Buckner outlines a national effort to develop a standardized condition rating and testing for soil health.

Soil Health Institute Plants Roots in RTP’s Growing Agtech Hub

The Soil Health Institute has settled into its office at North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.

Soil Health Institute’s Annual Board Meeting

The Soil Health Institute held its 2016 Board Meeting on the 22nd of August.

Innovations on the Land, Sand County Foundation

The Soil Health Institute attended an event hosted by the Sand County Foundation.

Soil Health Institute Annual Meeting 2016

Soil health experts gain ground on standardized measurements, identify future research needs.


Dr. Wayne Honeycutt, president and CEO of the Soil Health Institute, discusses prescription cover crop research priorities during the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) annual meeting in Portland, Oregon USA.

Soil Health Institute Names Dr. Steven Shafer as Chief Scientific Officer

The Soil Health Institute announced that one of the nation’s top agricultural research leaders, Dr. Steven R. Shafer, has been hired as its first Chief Scientific Officer.

Soil Health Institute Appoints Inaugural Members to Board of Directors

The Soil Health Institute marked a milestone today in the organization’s efforts to bring world-class leaders together to help improve soil health. The Institute announced it has appointed 13 members to its first-ever board of directors.

Soil Health Institute Selects Wayne Honeycutt as First Chief Executive Officer

The Soil Health Institute (SHI) announced that it has selected one of the nation’s top agriculture leaders, C. Wayne Honeycutt, Ph.D., to be the organization’s first ever president and chief executive officer.