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Board of Directors

Soil Health Institute Board of Directors (L-R): Jim Gulliford, Soil and Water Conservation Society; Larkin Martin, Martin Farms; Jay Vroom, CropLife America; Bill Buckner, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Bill Flory, Flory Farms; Andy LaVigne, American Seed Trade Association; Wayne Honeycutt, Soil Health Institute; Jerry Hatfield, Tri-Societies; Diana Jerkins, Organic Farming Research Foundation; Lara Moody, The Fertilizer Institute; Earl Garber, National Association of Conservation Districts; Dan DeSutter, DeSutter Farms; Constance Cullman, Farm Foundation, NFP; Bruce Knight, Strategic Conservation Solutions.

Not pictured: Robert Foster, Foster Brothers Farm, Inc.; Klaas Martens, Lakeview Organic Grain; Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute; Greg Ruehle, Servi-Tech Inc.