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Action Teams

The Soil Health Institute (SHI) Action Teams serve as a ready resource of expertise that enables the Institute to focus on innovative, real-world applications and benefits. SHI relies on the informed guidance of these vital action teams to advance soil health:



Action Team Chairs:  Dr. Doug Karlen and Dr. Janice Thies

The Research Action Team works with the Chief Scientific Officer to:

  • Identify gaps in soil health research.
  • Construct research road maps.
  • Develop rigorous protocols related to grant proposal evaluations and assessment of outcomes.
  • Provide global reach and access; attracting the best of the best to solve soil’s most pressing issues.
    Inform and guide procedures to deliver research results to users that need them.



Action Team Chairs: Dr. David Myrold and Dr. Diane Stott

The Measurements, Standards and Assessments Action Team works with the Chief Scientific Officer to:

  • Establish national soil health measurement standards based on regional characteristics and partner insight.
  • Ensure standards are fundamental, supporting research priorities, laboratory proficiencies and producer implementation.
  • Promote soil health measurement standards to benefit producers and conservation efforts.
  • Provide expert guidance to design, develop, and implement the National Soil Health Assessment.



Action Team Chairs: Matt Bechdol and Steven Strott

The Economics Action Team works with SHI to:

  • Bridge the information gap, inform methodologies to determine economic impact and increase awareness of the costs and benefits of soil health practices.
  • Guide and inform the economic analysis of research projects funded through the Institute.
  • Guide and evaluate decision tools that are made available for producers.
  • Provide economics information that is important for influencing adoption and use of soil health practices.



Action Team Chairs: Dr. Timothy Griffin and Dr. Rob Myers

The Public Policy Action Team works with SHI to:

  • Guide how SHI analyzes the impact of public policies on soil health.
  • Examine policies for their impact on stewardship and highlight opportunities for creative market-based solutions, keeping in mind key principles of self-regulation, personal property rights and free trade.
  • Guide SHI on its policy positions, keeping in focus the American agriculture system where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.
  • Endeavor that America’s agriculture system continues to provide a stabilized backbone of domestic food security, tools for international relations and international food security, a productive and sustainable industry for the domestic economy, and a focal point of technology, research and innovation.



Action Team Chairs: Beth Mason

The Communications and Education Action Team works with SHI to:

  • Serve as a central hub for communications and education regarding soil health research and soil related information.
  • Guiding the communications and education activities that support the Institute’s activities.