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About the Soil Health Institute

In 2013, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and Farm Foundation, NFP, convened agricultural industry thought leaders, farmers, ranchers, government agency leaders, and non-governmental organizations to examine the current state of soil health and its role in a vibrant, profitable, and sustainable natural ecosystem. As the group identified diverse and complex issues regarding soil health, it became clear that a collaborative-oriented organization was needed to spearhead accurate, science-based information, create a sense of urgency and coordinate change leadership.

The Soil Health Institute is that organization. As the independent, non-profit organization charged with coordinating and supporting soil stewardship and advancing soil health, the Soil Health Institute is focused on fundamental and applied research. We recognize that soil health must emerge as the cornerstone of land use management decisions during the 21st Century because healthy soil is the foundation of life and society, our remaining arable soil is degrading at a rapid rate and the global population is expected to exceed nine billion by 2050, increasing demand on agricultural production and our natural resources.

The Soil Health Institute is designed to move from the research laboratory to the farm field – bringing industry, farmers, ranchers, government agencies, agronomists, and consumers toward the common goal of protecting and enriching our home.

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